Red light violation monitoring system and Speed camera for traffic enforcement 

Our system continuously monitors the traffic signal and the camera is triggered by any vehicle entering the intersection above a preset minimum speed and following a specified time after the signal has turned red. Red light cameras are also utilized in capturing texting-while-driving violators

Fast Chipsets


Red light violation monitoring system


Parking Management System

Real-time vehicle counting, real-time parking guidance display, video surveillance, and easy payment options. Our advanced parking management system allow users to reserve and pay for a parking space via the internet.

Automatic detection of various traffic violations


Smart traffic lights

Combining traditional traffic lights with an array of sensors and artificial intelligence to intelligently route vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

When a vehicle on a side road arrives at the intersection, a sensor will detect it and cycle the lights to allow traffic on the side road to pass through

  • Reduce everyday congestion markedly, by smoothing traffic flows and prioritizing traffic in response to demand in real time.
  • Reduce pollution throughout the city: stop-start driving is inefficient and polluting.
  • Give priority to buses approaching junctions, phasing lights to give traffic flowing with buses a ‘green wave’ through the city.
  • Enable a much more effective response to traffic incidents. The system can be pre-programmed to handle a sudden increase in traffic on any of the ten radials.